Terms of Use


Terms of Use


We’re glad to welcome you on Janwer.Pk. Followings are the Terms & Conditions which are governing your use of Janwer.Pk; hereinafter, referred to as “Fair Use Policy” or “Acceptable Usage Policy” or “Acceptable Use Policy” a.k.a. “AUP” When you access Janwer.Pk via any device through any mean/medium; you’re accepting and agreeing these Terms and Conditions of our AUP.

These terms and conditions are affective from the moment you access Janwer.Pk.

While agreeing our AUP you also understand and agree to comply with these Terms. Additionally, when using a portion of the Service, you agree to conform to any applicable posted guidelines for such Service, which may change or be updated from time to time at Janwer.Pk’s sole discretion.

Janwer.Pk may provide a translation of the English version of the Terms into other languages such as Urdu. You understand and agree that any translation of the Terms & Conditions into other languages is for your convenience only and that the English version governs the terms of your relationship with Janwer.Pk.

Furthermore, if there are any inconsistencies between the English version of the Terms & Condition or any translation, the English version of the Terms shall be prioritized and govern.

Using Janwer.Pk

Janwer.Pk is the first ever online marketplace (Classifieds) of its kind and is solely dealing in livestock which are eligible for slaughter (Qurbani) on Eid ul Adha. We act as an online marketplace platform to allow our users to sell and buy livestock and services related to them which are listed or will be listed on our website on any given time.

You understand and agree that we do not endorse, promote or market any of the Janwer, their information and pictures posted by users nor do we at any point in time come into possession of or engage in the distribution of any of the Janwer or services unless clearly stated.

Janwer.Pk strongly encourages the users to practically exercise reasonable diligence as you would in traditional offline physical channels and while doing so, we also encourage you to fully practice your judgement and common sense before buying or selling Janwer or availing services.

We also suggest you to read Safety Tips on our Fraud & Help page.

You further agree and understand that Janwer.Pk is not responsible and does not control for the Janwer listed on our platform, the information along with them, communication between buyer and seller whether through the website or any other channel.

You also agree that while using this website you may exposed to content which may be inaccurate, offensive, misleading or otherwise objectionable.

You further agree that you are the sole responsible for evaluation and understanding the risks associate with content which you’ve been exposed to & under no circumstances Janwer.Pk will be responsible for

any kind of loss, damage or incurred while reading, browsing or using the services or content presented on Janwer.Pk

You acknowledge and fully understand that Janwer.Pk only permits the content to be posted on the website which is in compliance with our guidelines however, Janwer.Pk hold all the rights to approve, disapprove, delete/remove or move all content that is or may be available to users via website or services offered to them.

You also agree and understand that the content available on Janwer.Pk may contain outbound (links to other – Third Party Websites) which are completely unrelated to Janwer.Pk

You also agree that If you are linking to the third-party website from our platform in such case Janwer.Pk disclaim and disown all the liabilities. Janwer.Pk will not guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained in linked third-party websites and you are linking to third-party websites at your own risk and under any condition we will not be responsible.

You agree that you will post in the relevant category or sub category by providing correct and accurate information while strictly following this AUP and must not violate the prohibited and restricted items policy (herein referred to as Listing Policy) This listing policy shall be read as a part of this AUP

User Information

Any information provided by you directly to us or to other users on our platform while registering yourself, posting Janwer, sharing our content, giving feedback in the comments section (if active) in the forum (if any) or while using our services is defined as User Information.

You understand and agree that you’re solely accountable and responsible for the information provided by you and that Janwer.Pk merely acts an online platform which enables you to buy/sell Janwer or use our services efficiently and smoothly.

You also agree that you’re the lawful owner of the information and have all the rights, title and interest in your information.

You agree that your listing/posting or information

1. Shall not list or post or pertain to information that is either prohibited or restricted under the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and those listing/posting must not violate our listing policy.

2. Shall not be placed in the wrong category or sub category.

3. Shall not be placed in the wrong or irrelevant section of the website.

4. Shall not be placed by giving the wrong geographical information (location).

5. Shall not; directly or indirectly; offer, trade, attempt to offer or attempt to trade in any livestock or services related to livestock the dealing of which is prohibited/restricted or illegal in any manner under the provisions of applicable law, regulations, rules or guidelines of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

6. You consent to receive communications by email, call, in app notifications or by any other outreach tools/modes of communications; electronic or otherwise which are related to the services provided by Janwer.Pk

7. Shall not contain or distribute pyramid schemes or spam.

8. Shall not be offensive, indecent representation of men/women, obscene or contain pornography which are defined in the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

9. Shall not distribute executable files or viruses that may harm Janwer.Pk or the users of Janwer.Pk or give unreasonable load or prevent Janwer.Pk to work smoothly.

10. Shall not infringe any intellectual property, trade secret or other propriety right or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party.

11. Shall not consist of content/material that is equivalent or considered to be an expression of racism, bigotry or hatred based on color, race, religion, age, gender, cast, lifestyle, preference, nationality.

12. Shall not be misrepresent, fraudulent, mislead or involve in the sale of any stolen, illegal or prohibited Janwer.

13. Shall not list the Janwer of which you’re not the lawful owner.

You further agree that if you register yourself then you’re the sole responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user ID, password, email address and for restricting access to your computer, computer system, computer network and your account on Janwer.Pk and you are responsible for all activities that occur under your User ID and password.

Personal Information

While using Janwer.Pk or availing our services (if any) you agree to the collection, transfer, storage and use of any personal information provided by you on the Janwer.Pk All the user data is stored and secure on servers located remotely.

By submitting your contact information, you agree that your contact information will be publicly available to anyone and can be accessed after registration on Janwer.Pk.

You agree that Janwer.Pk may use personal information provided by you for customer care services or any other services or the advertisement listed on Janwer.Pk

You further agree that Janwer.Pk may share data of individuals to our agents, affiliates (if any) or recruiters.


If you access Janwer.Pk either by registration on the Site or by any other means, not as an individual but on behalf of a legal entity then you represent that you are fully authorized to do so and the listing, posting or information placed on the site on behalf of the legal entity is your responsibility and you agree to be accountable for the same to other users of the Site.

User of Janwer.Pk either by registration or by any other means, is available only to persons, who are Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who are 18 years of age and above and persons who can enter into a legally binding contract, and or are not barred by any law for the time being in force

Violation by User

You agree that if you violate our AUP and Listing Policy while listing, posting or communicating with other users Janwer.Pk hold the rights to dismiss, terminate or suspend your account and ban you from our platform permanently and refuse you to give you access on our platform thereafter.

Abusing Janwer.Pk

We reserve the right to take down any posting, listing or information and or limit or terminate our services and further take all reasonable technical and legal steps to prevent the misuse of the Site in keeping with the letter and spirit of this AUP and the listing policy.

While using our services or browsing our Site if you come across any offensive, inappropriate, nude or indecent listing which violates our Listing Policy you agree to inform us by clicking Report underneath the listing or can share the link of that listening via Contact Us page.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Janwer.Pk, its officers, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, directors, officers, agents, service providers, suppliers and employees, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees) arising from:

1. your use of and access to the Website and/or the Service

2. your violation of any term of these Terms

3. your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights, trade secret or other property, or privacy right; or

4. any claim that your Content caused damage to a third party. This defense and indemnification obligation will survive termination, modification or expiration of these Terms and your use of the Service and the Website.

Governing Laws

AUP and the Listing Policy of Janwer.Pk shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction on all matters and disputes arising out of and relating to the Site.

User Submissions

You acknowledge, understand and confirm that when using Janwer.Pk you will be exposed to content from a variety of sources and that Janwer.Pk under any circumstances, directly or indirectly will not be responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, usefulness, safety or intellectual rights of such content.

You also agree, understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to content that is inaccurate, offensive, indecent, defamatory, libelous or objectionable and you agree to withdraw/waive and hereby do withdraw/waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies you have or may have against Janwer.Pk with respect thereto.

No Spam Policy

You understand, acknowledge and confirm that sending unsolicited communications or other unsolicited email advertisements to Janwer.Pk’s email addresses or through Janwer.Pk’s computer systems are strictly prohibited by this AUP.

You further agree and understand that by using automated software or human monitors; Janwer.Pk can monitor all the email communication and usage carrying out by one user to another user through our

chat feature (if active) or through Janwer.Pk’s email addresses; in order to flag certain words associated with spam or scams.

You also agree and understand that any unauthorized use of OLX computer systems is a violation of these Terms and certain applicable laws. Such violations may subject the sender and his or her agents to civil and criminal liabilities and penalties.

Code of Conduct

You understand, confirm and agree that you will not post, display, email, modify, upload, transmit, edit, update, publish or share any information/content on the site

That may violate the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

That may violate Janwer.Pk’s listing Policy and AUP.

That is copyrighted or patented or protected by trade secret or trademark or there subject to third party rights unless you’ve t