Fresh Chicken Online Store Lahore 🐔 proudly presents its free online chicken delivery service in Lahore. We work directly with poultry producers to obtain meat from free-range birds. The chicken meat that we sell is derived from organically and humanely raised animals, free of growth hormones and antibiotics. We do this to guarantee the well-being of both the animals and our valued customers.

Buy 100% Fresh & Halal Chicken is one of Lahore’s best online meat stores. Thousands of Lahoris depend on our daily meat delivery service. All this is due to our dedication to quality and the provision of good-grade chicken at affordable prices. We never supply stale or frozen chicken that is more than a day old. Instead, our professional Muslim butchers humanely slaughter a fresh, healthy chicken for every customer order. Our slaughtering procedures are completely in accordance with Islamic Shariah, and our facilities are kept clean to guarantee appropriate sanitation. As a result, you may contact us at any moment in Lahore to purchase fresh and halal chicken.

Grade-A Poultry Products

Our competitive advantage in the poultry industry stems from our dedication to delivering Grade-A chicken at affordable rates. Our manual team of bird veterinarians inspects each hen by hand before it is sent to the slaughterhouse. The chickens from which we obtain meat are kept free-range on farms that adhere to international standards. Clean water and the healthiest hormone-free diet are given to the birds, so that the meat sourced is the healthiest and tastiest. We care about you.

Compliance with Hygiene Standards

While the majority of Lahore’s local meat shops are unconcerned with cleanliness, with flies wandering freely and poultry exposed to dust for extended hours. Janwer.Pk’s online meat shop treats chicken in state-of-the-art slaughterhouses and processing facilities that place a premium on cleanliness. And during these Covid-19 times, we’ve tightened up the rules even more to ensure that our consumers are served germ-and bacteria-free chicken. Everything, from blades to butcher blocks to butcher surfaces, is kept immaculately clean and sanitized on a daily basis. Also, our butchers are screened daily for health checks.

A Wide Range of Chicken Products’s online meat shop offers a broad selection of chicken items. We offer a wide range of poultry products, from exquisite chicken pieces (cuts for Qorma, Karahi, Biryani, Pulao) to skinned chicken, boneless chicken, and chicken mince. You may order any of these items in your desired quantity, and our team will instantly dispatch your order in a nicely packaged box.

Purchase Chicken at Government Rates

On any of our poultry products, we never impose unlawful or hidden extras. Our stance is clear: the sale of chicken at the prices set by the government of Punjab. Daily updates to the pricing of chicken are made, and we conduct stringent inspections to guarantee that the prices we provide are in direct accordance with the daily DC rates.

Express Shipping Facility

The reason why the majority of customers choose to buy locally rather than online is due to their concern about late online deliveries. However, when you shop for chicken goods online with us, there is no need to be concerned. We guarantee that the items will be delivered as early as possible. When a user makes an order, our staff swiftly packs the chicken in the required amount and dispatches it to your location. Our maximum turnover time is 120 minutes after the order confirmation, subject to traffic conditions.

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