Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We care you as much as we care ourselves. We are determined to protect your personal data just as we are determined to protect our own personal data. We collect, use and share personal information in order to improve efficiency, response time and services of our platform. Janwer.Pk is acting solemnly in collaboration with its subordinate companies, is the “Data Controller” of user’s personal information. In this Privacy Policy you will get to know how carefully we are taking care of your personal data as well as your privacy rights.

In this Privacy Policy Janwer.Pk hereinafter collectively referred to as “Janwer Pk”, “Janwer.Pk”, “Janwer Website”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”.

We urge you to take a very good look at this Privacy Policy before you use our platform and services.

By Services we mean any

1. Any service,

2. Content,

3. Products,

4. Features,

5. Functions,

6. Technologies,

7. Applications &

8. Sister websites

Which we are offering to you.

By Platform we mean

1. Website,

2. Mobile Applications,

3. Mobile Sites,

4. Or any other online medium

Through which we are offering our services to you.

Data Collection

1. Data provided by you through direct interaction

2. Data we collect automatically when you use our services

3. Data from publicly available resources or third parties

Data provided by you through direct interaction

Information posted on Janwer.Pk is for sure, publicly available. When you’re registering yourself with Janwer.Pk you’re consenting to the transfer and storage of your personal information on our servers which are located remotely to give you best response time.

Following is the information which we collect and store

1. If you’re registering yourself using your Google account, we may collect First name, Last name & email address.

2. If you’re registering yourself via your Facebook account then we may collect first name, last name, your Facebook account, your Facebook account IDs. We may also collect your gender, age, or email id depending on the permissions granted by you while registering.

3. If you’re registering yourself by using your phone number then we will store your phone number.

4. If you’re registering yourself by using your CNIC then we will store your CNIC.

Data we collect automatically when you use our services

When you’re interacting with our platform or using our services our system automatically collects the following information about you.

1. Device Information

2. Location

3. Log data

4. Activity data

5. Cookies

Device Information

We collect device information for the sake of testing of our system at client end. Device information which we collect may include but is not limited to

1) IP address, 2) Operating System, 3) Unique Identifiers i.e. Network Provider which you’re using.


According to the permissions granted by you to your device when you post/enlist an item (Janwer) on our website our system automatically collects and process your location information. For the said, we use different technologies/methods including but not limited to

1) IP address, 2) Wi-Fi access points, 3) Mobile Towers, 4) GPS.

Your location helps us to improve us our location filter and to provide you the items which are present at your location.

Log Data

When and from where did you sing in on Janwer.Pk and other technical details such as device time zone, other installed apps/software on device, when did you change your password, on what time, day, date and place you logged in on Janwer.Pk. Also, which internet browser and what version you’re using.

Activity Data

To increase performance, we collect Activity Data of our users which includes but not limited to

1) Site from which you landed on Janwer.Pk, 2) Time when you come on our Platform, 3) Time you spend on our platform, 4) Time when leave our platform, 5) Your interaction on our website, 6) Searches

you performed, 7) Posts you’ve seen/clicked, 8) Sellers you’ve contacted and 9) advertisement on which you’ve clicked.


In order to give the best user experience to our Users we use cookies to manage our user’s session to keep the record of your preferred language and provide you relevant content.

Cookies are small files which are used for the communication between your web browser and our server. You can always disable cookies but please note that some of our features or pages may not work properly.

Data from publicly available resources or third parties

For marketing campaign, or surveys we may collect your data through third parties which includes private and public sector. To know more about that please contact Janwer.Pk

Purpose of Usage

Janwer.Pk will store and process your personal information for the following purposes

1. To offer our services

2. To enhance the performance of website

3. To resolve disputes and perform A/B testing.

4. To give outstanding customize experience to our users

5. To run marketing campaigns and promotional offers to customers.

6. To provide you a safe and secure experience to sell/buy Janwer.

7. To determined how much time, you’ve spent on our platform.

8. To give you the relevant search results on the base of your search querey.

User Rights

Depending on the country you’re living in you may have certain legal rights regarding your personal data.

Followings are the rights for the users living in Pakistan

1. Right to request a correction

2. Right to withdraw consent

3. Right to request access

Right to request a correction

This right enables you as a user to have any incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you in order for you to update the data. However, we may need to verify the authenticity of the newly provided data by you.

Right to withdraw consent

Right to withdraw consent enables the users to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data on any given time. However, it does not affect the legality of any processing which we may’ve already carried out on base of previously given consent.

Right to request a correction

This right lets you to receive a copy of personal data which we hold about you and to check that we are processing it lawfully. This request is also known to be as Data Subject Access Request.

Promotions and Marketing Campaigns

As our priority is our customers therefore, we are always striving to give the best experience to our users. We may communicate with our users via email, SMS, on in app notifications to notify them regarding their requests such as 1) Confirmation of their registration 2) Inform about the status of their post I.e. live, approve or expired.

As a user you’ve the privilege to opt out from some of our communication channel and can always opt in again later whenever you want.

You may get marketing communication from Janwer.Pk

1. If you’ve requested any information on the same.

2. If you’ve Sign-up or have used our platform or services.

3. If you’ve provided us your information in any Survey/Questionnaire done by Janwer.Pk

4. If you’ve registered yourself for a promotion

Confidentially of Information

Users who use any of the features on Janwer.Pk agree and accept that they have been fully informed by Janwer.Pk that the use of features may lead to publication, to all users of Janwer.Pk, of any personal information posted by them while using any specific feature on Janwer.Pk.

Users also acknowledge that the authenticity of, and consequences from the posting by users of any personal information of themselves or any other person, are the sole responsibility of the user.

In addition to that, users also confirm and accept that the terms of the Privacy Policy will be applicable to the use of all features, existing and new. However, the Users agree and accept that confidentiality of information posted on such features has been waived by the Users of such features themselves.

Amending the Policy

Janwer.Pk hold all the rights to amend all or any part of this policy from time to time in order to keep it updated. We encourage you to check this page once or twice in a month to keep yourself updated about our privacy policy. If Janwer.Pk make any amendments in the policy users will be notified either via email or via in app notification or with both.

If we or our corporate affiliates are involved in a merger or acquisition, we may share personal information with another company, but this policy will continue to apply. Your continued use of our Services following an amendment or Notice of Change indicates your or your guardian’s acceptance (as the case may be) of any changes.

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