How Is Online Meat Processed, Packed, Shipped?

How Is Online Meat Processed, Packed, Shipped?

As ordering online becomes more and more popular, we see an increase in the number of people shipping meat products. However, some consumers have concerns over the handling, hygiene, and freshness of the meat products when shipped online. 

The truth is that shipping meat is tricky for many reasons. You want to make sure that it arrives fresh, at the right temperature, and of course, safe. But the good part is that by adapting and implementing new and innovative technologies, the best online meat shops like Janwer Pk can ship fresh premium meat products to your door faster and safer than ever before. 

Their cutting-edge technology allows us to ship perishable meat products, such as steaks and roasts, in an insulated shipping cooler with dry ice. These coolers contain dry ice in a rigid foam material that is placed in the bottom of the clamshell box and then covered by a layer of soft blue insulation.

Best Place To Buy Meat Online in Lahore

Janwer Pk is the best online store for purchasing everything meat. This online butcher shop brings you quality cuts of meat from local farms, ranchers and producers. The only place where every package of meat is cut, wrapped and frozen fresh on their premises, ensuring the freshest meats for you and your family.

We’re a family-owned meat processor that’s been around for nearly a decade. We’ve also got plenty of experience handling any kind of meat, whether it’s mutton, chicken,or beef. 

Here’s How We Process Meat For Online Delivery In Lahore:

1). The meat is first shipped to our state-of-the-art facility, where the meat is hand cut and packaged. 

2). Then it’s immediately placed on dry ice or in a temperature controlled cooler, and loaded on the next available ride, typically within 10 minutes of packing. 

3). The meat is delivered directly to your door.

Our customers use our site for a lot of reasons: They like the fresh products we source from trusted farmers and ranchers; they like that we’re committed to using humane and sustainable farming practices; they are assured of our 100% halal certification; or they want to buy meat online because it’s convenient and tastes better than what’s available in the grocery store. 

But perhaps the best part of shopping at Janwer Pk is knowing that you’re supporting family farms and rural communities—and doing your part to ensure a safe and delicious future for us all.

No matter what the occasion is, Janwer Pk Online Meat Store Lahore has you covered for all your needs. Every cut is hand selected by our meat experts to guarantee the highest quality. We work hard to get you the freshest meats so you can save time and still serve premium quality meals. We carry every type of meat in every cut imaginable, including popular choices like beef, lamb, veal, goat, chicken and specialty meats like bara paya and chota paya.

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