Why Should You Buy Meat Products Online In Pakistan?

Why Should You Buy Meat Products Online In Pakistan?

COVID-19 has expedited digital transformation and resulted in a boom in e-commerce. Whereas many other sectors, such as fashion, electronics, and medical shops, have fully moved to the internet, the Pakistani meat market is no exception. Despite being a low-tech sector with centuries-old traditions, the Pakistani meat industry is expanding steadily and changing the way meat is marketed in the process. Aside from the conventional approach of visiting your local grocery shop, there are now numerous more options for purchasing meat. Buying your meat straight from a traditional butcher online is one of the fastest-growing alternatives.

Online meat shops, such as Janwer.pk, provide the same quality meat that is available from local butchs, but with fresh meat being delivered to your doorstep – it’s 100% halal, healthy, delicious, and responsibly sourced in Pakistan. If you’ve never purchased meat online, you may want to consider it the next time you’re in the mood for Chicken Biryani or Mutton Karahi.

Therefore, here is a list of the top reasons why you should prioritize avoiding the butcher queues and instead purchase quality meat online:

1). Convenience

When you use an online butcher service, you don’t have to go to your local supermarket or a specialized butcher to obtain your favorite cuts. You may instead receive your fresh and halal meat right at your door without ever leaving your house. Nothing is more complicated than visiting your favorite online butcher through your smartphone or tablet and placing an order for meat straight from a conventional butcher on the internet. Instead of spending your time waiting in line at the meat shop, you may spend your time concentrating on other things that are essential to you, such as your job or family. This has grown more popular in recent months since it is a much safer option to buying in-store during the lockdown.

2). Value for Money

If you purchase meat from a grocer, it has undoubtedly been handled by many people before you. take it away  Furthermore, although purchasing meat from your local supermarket may be a more cost-effective option on occasion, the quality of the meat is almost always inferior to that of meat purchased from your local butcher, and you have no way of knowing where the animal came from or how it was handled. When you buy meat from an online slaughterhouse such as us, you can be certain that we place a high emphasis on quality above all else. We are committed to the care of the animals from whom our free-range meat is sourced and only provide delicious, fresh cuts of meat in Lahore, Pakistan.

Additionally, our business is able to keep product prices low since we do not employ as many people and have lower overall expenses. This allows us to provide premium meat at a more affordable price and a more comfortable shopping environment.

Furthermore, purchasing meat online enables consumers to compare costs for various items. Rather than hopping from store to store in search of the greatest bargains, consumers may just use their computer or smartphone to compare the costs of different online available products.

3). A Wide Range Of Options

When compared to actual shops, meat supply from an online charcuterie is not only less costly, but also offers a greater variety of options. A wider selection of quality cuts is available when you purchase meat online. There are many varieties of meat to select from, and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for. Janwer.Pk also enables adapting your purchase in accordance with your food habits and preferred food budget with customized packages for fresh foods.

4). Fast and easy

To begin, purchasing bulk meat online saves you energy and resources, when you factor in the time spent traveling to and from the butcher’s physical shop and waiting for your turn. Moreover, internet shopping might be for you if you frequently forget things and have to hurry back into the stores. Particularly because the procedure is so simple and intended to save you from forgetting anything. Janwer.Pk makes it simple and fast to arrange a meat delivery – your premium meat is only a few clicks away.

5). Orders in Bulk

If you decide to host a last-minute barbeque party for your friends, local meat retailers will not have ample meat to fit your requirements. Here’s where internet butchers come in very useful since they can offer a larger quantity of meat in order to satisfy your large-scale purchase request.

Online butchers are also more suited for placing orders ahead of time, ensuring that you have what you need when you need it. It’s a frequent occurrence to go to your local grocery and discover that they’ve sold out of your favorite cuts!

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