5 Best Online Meat Stores in Pakistan

5 Best Online Meat Stores in Pakistan

The best online meat stores let you handpick your favorite cuts and types of meat and will deliver them fresh to your door, with a restaurant-quality taste, whether you’re looking for the perfect skinned whole chicken or beautifully marinated mutton chops.

With many of us opting for online deliveries over queuing in shops these days, you’ll be pleased to know that your favorite butchers are available for online ordering. Typically, meat from online meat stores is fresh and hygienic, so will taste like perfection when you’re ready for it.

Not only will you get a variety of meat with each delivery, but you can also rest assured the beef is grass-fed, the chicken is free-range and you’re supporting small-scale, traditional farming.

By ordering your meat from an online store, you won’t be compromising on taste or quality, and you can also bag a deal every now and again. Many of these online stores have ‘refer a friend’ deals and first-time discount offers for new customers.


1). Janwer.Pk

These guys are an absolute favorite for buying meat online. They source beef and mutton from grass-fed, hormone-free cows and lambs. They source chicken from protein-enriched, healthy, and free-range hens. All animals are processed according to the Islamic Shariah.

The choice of meat boxes they provide is usually customized to your specific dietary requirements. One can choose from as low as 1/2 kg to as much as 10 kgs of meat. They offer a complete range of 100% halal and fresh meat products sourced from cows, goats, lambs, and chickens.

In addition to meats for all tastes and budgets–from beef to mutton to chicken–this online meat store has a variety of offerings like minced, boneless, and whole meat cuts of different halal animals.

There’s a bevy of five-star reviews on the site, with the general consensus being the online meat store has the ‘best beef ever’, ‘excellent flavour and tenderness’ and the chicken is a ‘perfect flavor. Like desi chicken!’

The company is also renowned for selling meat licensed and certified by Punjab Food Authority. The meat prices are exact according to everyday DC/government rates. And extra fast home delivery is available throughout Lahore.


  • Healthy & Fresh Meat
  • Meat is sourced from farm-grown, grass-fed animals
  • Hormone-free meat
  • Government-allocated Prices
  • Same day delivery


  • Services Lahore only


2). Metro Pakistan

This online grocery store in Pakistan is famous for its huge range of frozen fish and meat products. They are among the first online butchers in Pakistan. As a result, they are fairly well established in the home delivery market. Best of all is that their meat cuts are grass-fed and they cut everything by hand.

Unlike other well-known butchers, Metro ships their meat cuts in chill boxes, all frozen. This allows them to offer a much wider range of products than is made possible by other butchers. For instance, they also deliver seasoned mutton alongside the traditional meat cuts.

Surprisingly, they carry a good selection of steak cuts and ready-made food. One can even buy fish if you want and make your selection from an extensive variety of seafood.

They also have a much wider delivery scope as they also do delivery to other cities – Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Multan – other than Lahore.


  • Market DC Price rates
  • Good quality meat
  • Bulk purchase option
  • Fast order processing
  • Hygienic


  • You have to pre-order for timely delivery
  • Works only in central zones of the city

3). Zenith

Zenith is doing a fantastic job of seeing to their customers’ needs when it comes to meat. It stocks organic and free-range meat that is reared in Pakistan. Something you might like is the quick food selection they have. We are talking about items such as quick-fry steaks, chicken leg pieces, and skinned wings that you can cook or fry quickly. Exceptional convenience for very busy people who are not quite ready to forfeit the idea of fresh cooking, but do not fancy the idea of spending hours preparing it. What’s more, their animals are healthy and pasture-raised. This is an exceptional option for those of you who favor a more ethical way of eating.


  • Good quality meat
  • Fresh and hygienic
  • Wide range of cuts


  • Supply is limited

4). Meat One

Meat One is the go-to for fresh meat deliveries. It is an award-winning online meat store that became famous over the lockdown period. Their organic farmers also have a selection of easy-cooking cuts to feed you and the family. From them you’ll get a variety of different meats – chicken leg piece, chicken wings, mutton raan, beef mince – and all meat is sourced from healthy cattle. Their beef, mutton, and chicken selection is particularly well-rated. But their prices are a bit high than market rates.


  • Meat is of premium quality
  • All types of cuts are available
  • Fast order processing
  • Fresh and hygienic


  • Expensive than local market rates
  • Delivers only in main city zones

5). Grocer App

It is not hard to see why they are deemed as Pakistan’s go-to online grocery store. They consistently acquire excellent reviews across the board for their incredible prices, service, and top quality of their meat. They are great if you’re looking for an inexpensive bulk deal. Customers who regularly freeze or keep a lot of meat in their freezer will benefit from this offer.

Unlike most online meat shops listed over here, they do not involve themselves with specialist areas such as breeding animals at their own farms. They are just good for fulfilling your needs for regular purchases. Delivery is free if the order is within certain amounts in major cities of Pakistan.


  • Cheap prices
  • Bulk discounts available
  • You may order other grocery items as well
  • Ships on-time


  • Meat is sourced from local butchers.

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