Not so long ago, buying Janwer was meant

Having lots of money in the pocket and will power inmind.

Then going out with friends and kids every day from mandi to mandi looking for a good cheap Janwer.

Then after wandering all day long returning back to home with aching legs and the tired body with no hope and disappointment on face.

Then doing the same thing with another style in another mandi and returning back with more disappointed.

Then start waiting for Chand Rat so the prices go down and you take the benefit of an opportunity and buy some average Janwer with reasonable price with your own Marzi.

And then came Janwer.Pk.


On their way to home, son shares the idea of “How about selling Janwer Online?” with his father right in the middle of a busy road.

Selling Janwer online put fathers in a situation of deep thinking and while coming out of that Father replied Why not?


Setting up a trend and benchmark by leading and digitizing the livestock industry of Pakistan by providing First-Ever Bilingua lOnline Livestock Marketplace of Pakistan where you can Sell and Buy Janwer of their own choice.

Getting sellers, a.k.a Beyopari the right price of Janwerwhat they deserve and wide variety of Janwer to buyers to choose and buy from.

Bringing new schemes and plans for individuals to take leverage and make a living with Janwer.Pk

Last but not the least, with the help and blessings of Allah; making Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim a.s. easy for those who can’t buy Janwerbecause of their high prices on Eid days.


Janwer.Pk is on a mission of making the process of selling Janwer as easy as selling car online and making the process of BuyingJanwer as easy as buying a Pizza on a random rainy night.

Janwer.Pk is taking away all the fatigue from Sellera.k.a Beyopari by empowering them to sell their Janwer from where they’re without having to move away from their homes and giving peace of mind to Buyersa.k.a Khareedar by enabling them to buy their desired Janwer without having togo to traditional Mandi over and over and over again.

Usually on Eid Days price of Janwer goes up in the sky and most people visit the Mandi just to please their eyes but can’t buy the Janwer because it’s too costly. We at Janwer.Pk are playing an important role in bringing the cost of Janwer down by giving the ease to Seller a.k.a Beyoparito sell Janwer online, they won’t have to pay the truck rent, Mandi Fee, Stay or Eat from outside which altogether will for sure bring the price down.


  • Equality

At Janwer.Pk no one is ugly and no one is pretty we all are equal Irregardless gender, race, cast or skin color and therefore atJanwer.Pk we treat everyone equally.


For them you may be a doctor or an engineer, a teacher ora lawyer, a pilot or a broker, a farmer or a civilian but for us, everyone is human unless one proves to be inhuman.


If you’ve done something big and come to our knowledge we will endorse you. But if you’ve messed up and that come to our knowledge, we’ll hold you accountable.

At Janwer.Pk we believe in, We owe what we do and we are responsible for our actions and words.


We won’t bother much writing about this as golden word about adaptability are already spoken. We’ll just quote them below.

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.

Bruce Lee


Other than coding of Janwer.Pk we don’t have any ifs. You might be wondering, what on earth does that supposed to mean?

We’ll meaning is,

We don’t like hidden things and therefore we don’t hide anything. Our culture is as transparent as the air we breathe in.


There are two types of people: one; those who will spend day and night talking.

Talking about the problems…

And then, there are those who are quite the opposite, atfirst they usually don’t talk but if they do, the sole purpose is

“How to Solve the Damn Problem?”

We adore the second type. The ones which talk about solutions and then work to solve any problem on any given time.


We are committed to protect those who can’t protect themselves, help those who can’t help themselves and speak for those who don’t have the courage to speak.


Let’s first talk about men of the match the Sellersa.k.a. Beyopari

Sellers pet the Janwer in remote areas of Pakistan and then just to sell, they have to bring them in the Mandi.Janwer.Pk is everywhere and accessible easily. Sellers a.k.a. Beyopari now can sell their Janwer directly to sellers without taking their Janwer to Mandi and bringing back the Janwer which he/she couldn’t sell.
Sellers have to pay fee of Mandi to keep their Janwer in Mandi and then they have to stay with their Janwer in Mandi irregardless if the sun is too merciless or clouds are too merciful. Poor Sellers…We care for the helpless. We are offering Free of Cost Online Marketplace to sellers by which seller can sell as many Janwer as the seller wishes to sell that all without paying anything, without moving away from their house.
In Mandi, if the sellers are lucky, they get the deserving price for few of the Janwer which they brought for selling purpose but what about remaining Janwer? Which they couldn’t sell? Now either they have to sell them at low cost to avoid the fatigue of taking them back or they have to take them back with double struggle.As a seller if you’ve 10 Janwer to sell then first you don’t have to take them anywhere and secondly you don’t have to sell all of them together. Just sell what needs to be sold and keep the rest on hold.
In Traditional Mandi, if the Janwer is defective the seller won’t usually tell and will sell the Janwer and later the buyer will be surprised.Janwer.Pk have a feature which encourages the sellers to be truthful to buyers as they’re paying money. In case a Janwer is defective, seller will highlight that.

Let’s talk about the buyers who wants to follow the sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim a.s.

Till the moment Janwer.Pk was live, buying Janwer was not a piece of cake. If you’ve bought one you know the struggle. Don’t you? First, making the mind, then putting the money in pocket, then asking friends or kids to join you on this mission, then reaching Mandi, talking to first Beyopari but the price is high, then talking to second Beyopari but the price is still high, spending the whole damn day in Mandi but still coming back home with no Janwer because the price is high and then, repeating the same thing again with different friends on a different place.And then we came. Now we don’t really need to tell you how to find a Good Cheap Janwer on Janwer.Pk do we? Just to fill the gap we’ll tell you a bit. Doesn’t matter where you’re, eating or pooping you can access Janwer.Pk if you’ve the phone in your hand and internet on the phone. Janwer.Pk will bring the Janwer across entire Pakistan on your finger tips. Sweet isn’t it?
In traditional mandi, you will have to wander a lot, like alot alot to find the desired color,weight breed and price of Janwer. Asking every Beyopari same questions, how much, what’s the weight, the breed and what not?If you haven’t used our crazy filter system then we recommend you must give them a try at least once, to know how it feels, to find exactly what you’re looking for. Janwer.Pk comes with a pack of filters ranging from Price, Breed, Weight, Color, and Location. What else you want?
Some lucky buyers have their stars moving in the sky when there are in Mandi and find various Janwer but face real hard time to decide which among them should he/she buy? One Janwer is a bit heavy, one is a bit pricey, one belongs to a well-known family (good breed) now which among these should buyer buy?Worry not people worry not, we’ve it all. Guess what? Janwer.Pk offers an intelligent comparison feature. Which will compare all the aspects and will suggest which is a good choice for you. This comparison feature will keep your blood pressure stable and mood happy.
Novice buyers which have never bought a Janwer in their life when go to Mandi gets betrayed as they don’t know what are the things to check while buying a Janwer.Janwer.Pk will offer a Janwer buying guideline which will let everyone know what are the things to look for while buying a Janwer what to do and what not to do.

Seller or buyer doesn’t matter who you are,

You should thank us, hug us & love Janwer.Pk

Whether you do thank, hug and love us or not,

In either case we at Janwer.Pk are thankful to you, welcome you and love you.

Safety & Fraud

Your safety is as important to us as it’s important toyou. We

Janwer.Pk is an online marketplace that is bringing the sellers and buyers of Janwer under one hood. We are facilitating both Sellers and Buyers by enabling both of them to buy Janwer efficiently and smoothly.

However, Janwer.Pk will not take responsibility of any fraud done/committed by sellers/buyers. Janwer.Pk has a complete Safety Pagewhich mainly address the Safety of our users. To read more on Safety please click on Safety & Fraud Page


As this is just the beginning, therefore, Janwer.Pk islaunching very few services which is limited to only Lahore. Which includes but not limited to Sadqa Service and Aqiqa Service.